Iron Workers Union Brings Professionalism, Communications Strategy to Chicago
August 10, 2011

On August 15, 2011, local union delegates elected by rank-and-file members from across the U.S. and Canada will arrive at the Iron Worker Convention in Chicago to evaluate their union's progress, voice their opinions, vote on resolutions and map out their next five years.

"It is common knowledge that our members are the best trained, hardest-working, and highly skilled workers in our industry," says Eric Dean, general secretary of the Iron Workers Union. "Besides, there is no better way to engage the general public than by sharing our accomplishments and our support of the communities where we live and work. Many of these people are unaware that, each year, we invest $50 million in training. We don't offer young men and women a job - we offer them a proud and honorable career choice."

The convention is a chance for the elected delegates to help determine, through a democratic process, policy and procedures that govern the 125,000 Union Ironworkers throughout the United States and Canada. Agenda items will focus on doubling the Union Ironworkers' market share, eliminating job-site fatalities and expanding transparency through membership engagement utilizing a new website with feeds from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr as a means to listen, interact and engage rank-and-file members.

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