Iowa Glass Companies Speak Out About Recent Flooding
August 16, 2010

Rivers and creeks in central and eastern Iowa overflowed after storms dumped up to six inches of rain last week. In Ames, flooding contributed to a water main break that forced the city to shut off water to its roughly 55,000 residents and left Iowa State University's basketball arena under 4 to 5 feet of water. While the flooding did serious damage to many homes and businesses, it has increased work for at least one area glass business.

According to Joni Freeman, office manager of Reflections Glass and Mirror, the recent flooding "has been good for business."

"A lot of basements had flooding and the pressure led to broken windows," says Freeman.

Freeman says that while the flooding has provided some sad benefits for her company, it has been tragic for others in the area.

"A business about mile up road was submerged in about 10 inches of water. It all depended on how the water fell," she says.

Freeman says the mandatory water restrictions were the hardest part for her business, but is thankful that a couple of her out-of-town vendors brought her business some bottled water.

Amy Theilen of Ames-based Orning Glass Company also had a hard time with the water restriction.

"The rains ruined our water supply. We had to boil water for almost a week. But they lifted [the restriction] yesterday."

And while her business was not affected by the flooding, Theilen says, "My house didn't fair so well."

Currently navigating through the insurance claim process, Theilen laments, "It's hard to get flood coverage when you don't live in a typical flood area."

But all in all she remains optimistic. "We'll get through it," says Theilen.

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