InterEdge Technologies Changes Name to AGC InterEdge Technologies The AFG subsidiary Joins Asahi Glass

InterEdge Technologies announced today that its name is changing to AGC InterEdge Technologies. InterEdge has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of AFG Glass for the past two years, where the company has maintained a leading role in the fire-rated glazing market. The name change is in response to the global unification of Asahi Glass companies across the world that include Asahi in Asia, Glaverbel in Europe and AFG in North America.

As a result of the unification, AFG Glass will soon be going by a new name as well: AGC Flat Glass North America.

"InterEdge will continue to maintain its strong focus and position in the fire-rated glazing market with the continued backing and strength of Asahi Glass," says Tim Andersen, manager of fire-rated glass products for AFG Industries. All fire-rated operations will still be maintained out of the Sausalito, Calif., office. "The global branding strategy is to be completed by September, in conjunction with Asahi's 100th anniversary," says Andersen.

All InterEdge products have been tested to the "positive pressure" standards mandated by the International Building Codes. The company operates numerous regional facilities for the 20-minute PyroEdge glazing including Hebron, Ohio, Phoenix, Ariz., Waukesha, Wis., Fall River, Mass. and Alvardao, Texas. Currently the Hebron and Fall River plants also fabricate and label Schott Pyran products. The Hebron facility fabricates the complete line of Pyrobel fire-resistant glazing, including the exclusive Vision 60 System-a butt-glazed, 60-minute transparent wall.

InterEdge Technologies was established in 1999.

from an InterEdge press release.