Industry Provides More Education and Information About Protective and Laminated Glass
April 9, 2010

Earlier this week a middle-school student in Hastings, Minn., entered the school with a gun, breaking windows alongside locked classroom doors in an attempt to gain access to classrooms. Now, the school has put out bids for 33 impact-resistant interior windows to replace the glass currently installed (CLICK HERE for related article). As the use of and demand for laminated glass grows, groups within the Glass Association of North America (GANA) are taking strides to make available information and education about the use of and designing with protective glazing and laminated glass. GANA's Protective Glazing Committee and its Laminating Division met recently during Glass Week in Las Vegas where both groups tackled a number of projects.

The Protective Glazing Committee has created a Protective Glazing 101 presentation that is currently being reviewed by the American Institute of Architects. The script for the presentation is in draft form and covers areas such as bullet- and bombblast-resistance, among others.

"Presently, it is mostly focused on standards and test methods and how to understand performance in these areas," explained Valerie Block, chair of the committee.

The committee is also working with the Protective Glazing Council International to jointly develop a Protective Glazing Manual. The task group has one last section to finish and is reviewing edits. Once the manual is approved the group expects that it will be published sometimes this spring.

The group is also working on a draft of a glass informational bulletin (GIB) on screening out ultraviolet radiation with laminated glass. With edits reviewed during the meeting, the draft will now be sent out for a final review before it is balloted.

The Laminating Division also has published three GIBs: Emergency Egress, Hurricane Substitution Explanation and Laminated Glass Weight. In addition, a 2009 version of the Laminated Glass Reference Manual was also published last year.

Julie Schimmelpenningh of Solutia Inc. provided an update on ASTM working group 22334, New Specification for Consumer Safety for Glass Furniture. She explained that the group is focusing on horizontal, non-uniformly supported applications, such as tabletops.

"The group is saying that all safety glass used in these applications must meet ANSI Z97.1. They also do not want to have to label the glass," said Schimmelpenningh.

A draft of the specification is currently being reviewed and Schimmelpenningh said the intent is to publish it as a voluntary standard and not move it on to CPSC.

Recognizing the importance of educating the industry on safety glazing in furniture applications, the division formed a task group that will write a GIB on glass in furniture.

Other future projects for the division include GIBs on laminated glass in railing systems, laminated glass in adaptive glazing systems and material compatibility with laminated glass.

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