Ironworkers Launch New Training Course
April 4, 2012

Officials of the Iron Workers Union and the Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT) have launched a new training course, "Superintendent Training for Ironworkers." The course is a blended learning pilot course designed to develop skilled, effective construction site superintendents, according to an announcement from the groups.

The course aims to benefit partner contractors by providing trained management personnel to oversee construction jobsites.

"The course is designed for ironworkers who have completed the 'Foreman Training' course or have experience as a foreman, general foreman or superintendent," says Eric Waterman, IMPACT CEO. "So this course serves as an extension of our current training."

Waterman added that the course fulfills a need as expressed by the organization's contractors. "As regulations constantly change and as new technologies transform the face of the construction industry, we want to make sure superintendents have the know-how to deal with the dynamics of the industry. We also want to make sure that our contractors view us as the best of the best," he says.

"Blended learning" refers to the self-study, online and group-based components the course incorporates. Enrollees of the pilot course are still involved in the self-study and online components of the training. Each of them will attend the hands-on, interactive portion in May at the National Labor College in Silver Spring, Md.

"This course is yet another step in our march toward doubling market share by 2020," says Walter Wise, general president of the Iron Workers Union. "Ironworkers are looking ahead and training superintendents and ironworkers not just for the jobs of today, but for the leadership positions that will undoubtedly be needed in the constantly changing world of tomorrow."

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