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USGNN Original StoryIRC Committee Disapproves WDMA Code Change Proposal

The International Residential Code (IRC) committee heard hundreds of proposals during yesterday's hearings, which are taking place this week and next in Palm Springs, Calif. One proposal relevant to the fenestration industry, RB201-07/08, was presented on behalf of the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA), and related to definition changes and additions to section R202 of the IRC. The proposal, however, was not approved by the committee.

The recommended changes would have allowed for "alternate flashing methods for windows and doors that complement the requirements of Section R703.8, but allow appropriate window and door flashing options depending on the specific conditions of the project." The proposal also states "window and door manufacturers are required by Section R613.1 to provide installation instructions for each window and door. Many window and door manufacturers are now incorporating some method of pan flashing in their installation instructions. Explicitly allowing flashing design by a registered design professional reminds the code user of this option. Window and door manufacturers create installation and flashing instructions for a wide variety of wall conditions but are unable to create installation instructions for every conceivable wall condition." The additional flashing the proposals would allow for the necessary flexibility to maintain performance requirements of Section R703.8.

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