IGMA Annual Meeting Opens with Task Group Progress
March 23, 2011

Members of IGMA's Gas Permeability Task Group met this morning as part of the association's annual meeting taking place at the Paris Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS - The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) annual meeting opened this morning here at the Paris Las Vegas. The Glazing Guidelines task group made quick work of approving a number of edits to the section of TM 3000, North American Glazing Guidelines for Sealed Insulating Glass for Commercial and Residential Use, on the appropriate height of setting blocks for residential windows to keep them dry. The group approved sending the document to the Technical Services committee for balloting and, possible, approval.

The task group continued its discussion on its joint work with the Glass Association of North America (GANA) about capillary tubes. Since the last meeting the group has requested and received information from Guardian Industries about a proprietary software program the manufacturer uses to determine whether capillary tubes should be used. Guardian provided the group with information on "changes in pressure, temperature, volume and width to height ratio of sealed IG units on stresses," which will be incorporated into the guidelines eventually.

The Gas Permeability task group met next with a bit more work ahead of it. At its last meeting, the task group agreed to end the gas permeability tests being run by CAN-BEST.

"A big challenge CAN-BEST had was the amount of argon coming through was so small it was actually lost in baseline noise and couldn't be resolved," explained task group chair John Greenzweig of HB Fuller.

At its last meeting the group put together a list of future actions with an eye toward revamping the research project at the heart of its scope. Today they discussed whether or not there was a way to set up an effective test unit that was an edge-sealed assembly section. Other ways to reduce costs of the project were also reviewed. Finally, Greenzweig took a straw poll to determine how much interest remained in pursuing this research.

"Is it valuable trying to continue looking at ... edge seal assemblies ... Or say we don't think it can be done and move on?" he asked.

A show of hands from the group indicated that there was interest in pursuing research, but testing a full IG unit. From there, the group agreed to re-draft its initial request for proposal and has two new laboratories to which to send it, thanks to member suggestions.

The IGMA annual meeting continues through Friday, March 25, with, among other things, a joint meeting with the GANA Insulating Division being held as part of GANA's Glass Week.

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