IGMA Meeting Continues with Technical Committee Meeting

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance continues today in Tampa, Fla. Last night, attendees circulated around the small product display reception, networking and discussing the day's events. This morning, however, it was back to business for the meeting of the technical committee.

The committee heard reports from yesterday's meetings, including one from the glazing guidelines working group. Working group members had addressed the possibility of providing guidelines for how to close capillary tubes in the field. Bill Lingnell of Lingnell Consulting Services, had been charged with evaluating some of the methods that are used including crimping and snipping the end. One group member noted that it could be useful to observe not only successful techniques for closing capillary tubes but also watching how successful those techniques remain over time. The group also requested members to send in information on the methods they use in the field. During today's technical meeting, it was questioned whether there also needed to be guidelines for when to use capillary tubes. Some members were looking for industry-specific consensus rather than manufacturer-specific recommendations.

Another topic revisited during the technical committee meeting was the motion brought forward by the certification and education committee. The committee members had looked at combining IGMA and IGMAC certification procedures for gas-filled content. Members had approved initial fill requirement of 90 percent and a final level of 80 percent after weathering. The committee members had also addressed the question of whether testing double-glazed units would qualify as testing triple-glazed units. Members approved the schedule following IGMAC for testing triple glazed units every four years. Double glazed units would be tested in interim years. Both proposals will go before the board for approval.

The meeting continues through Saturday, with a variety of technical presentations.

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