IGCC Public Hearings Produce Landmark Results
August 31, 2010

The International Code Council (ICC)International Green Construction Code (IGCC)Public Hearing Committee took action on more than 1,500 comments and nearly 120 hours of testimony on Public Version 1.0 of the IGCC during eight days of public hearings in Chicago. The outcome of the hearings will result in Public Version 2.0 of the IGCC, scheduled for release in November.

The ICC says one of the most significant revisions made by the committee occurred in the area of energy conservation. References to Total Annual Net Energy Use (TANEU) were replaced with a Zero Energy Performance Index (zEPI), requiring buildings to use no more than 51 percent of the energy allowable in the 2000 International Energy Conservation Code. In addition, the committee revisited the formula regarding jurisdictional project electives, now requiring jurisdictions to enforce at least one and up to 14 electives, instead of allowing a jurisdiction to opt out of enforcing any project electives by choosing zero.

The committee indicated its focus would be on filling technical or inconsistency gaps found in Version 1.0, and to maintain the enforceability of the code for jurisdictions choosing to adopt or adapt the IGCC. Leading up to the November release of Version 2.0, updates on the IGCC will be posted on the Code Council’s website.

The IGCC development process now moves to two hearings in 2011. Comments will be solicited for the Code Development Hearings in May, to be held in Dallas. The actions at that hearing will form the basis for Final Action Hearings to be held in Phoenix in October 2011. The 2012 version of the IGCC will be issued in early 2012.

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