EC-9 Proposal Again Defeated During IECC Code Hearings

The EC-9 IECC code change proposal to allow AAMA 507 as an alternative to the NFRC 100 site built procedure, for the rating (but not certification) of commercial fenestration products, was defeated this week during the International Code Council hearings taking place this week in Rochester, N.Y.

The proposal would have allowed U-factors and SHGC for fenestration used in commercial buildings to comply with AAMA 507-03 and documented by a certificate of compliance submitted to the code official by the glazing contractor or registered design professional.

"We are certainly disappointed that the International Energy Conservation Code committee failed to recognize the fact that the commercial construction industry commonly uses and accepts the AAMA 507 procedure for determining fenestration system performance," said Stanley L. Smith, executive vice president of the Glass Association of North America. "We strongly believe the commercial construction industry needs more than one method of documenting product performance in order to ensure that projects and products can be rated and certified if needed quickly, efficiently and at a nominal cost," added Smith.