Builders' Show: Smaller but Successful
January 25, 2010

While many people at the recent International Builders' show mentioned the obvious--that the event was markedly smaller than recent years, those in attendance (both exhibitors and attendees) seemed to express optimism going forward in 2010.

Approximately 55,000 builders, remodelers and other members of the home building industry attended the event, according to its organizer--the National Association of Home Builders.

And for companies that are looking to differentiate there were plenty of products on display to help them do just that.

AMSCO featured its color cap system for composite windows. In fact, an addition of colors to a variety of product lines was definitely a trend being shown at IBS.

"We've been trying to get away from painting," says AMSCO's Kyle Hendren.

The company also offered triple-glazed units for its renovation series, which offer an R5 value, another item dealers are looking for as the industry continues to move toward R5 window values, and in many cases this means triple-glazed products.

Teel Plastics was also in attendance and highlighted the increase in thermal performance that can be gained through the use of fiberglass as opposed to a window clad with aluminum. SureView Fiberglass Window Systems, based in Cleveland, makes a fiberglass window and uses Teel as one of its fiberglass suppliers. SureView also had a booth at IBS and SureView's Tom Prince pointed out that all the company's products are commercially rated and designed for the replacement market.

A few companies showcased some new materials at IBS, namely those made of bamboo. Ecocasa launched a window made of bamboo and Pacific Architectural Millwork featured a product made of Lamboo--laminated bamboo.

"This is a very unique material for really green projects," said Pacific's Ryan Higman, who added that the product is 20 percent more stable than wood. He also said that processing Lamboo takes 15 percent less energy than steel and aluminum production.

Windows weren't the only products shown at the show--doors were in abundance as well and one of the company's showing these products was Neuma Doors. The company has added fire-rated doors to its product line.

FrontLine Building Products officials said the company now manufactures transom windows for entry doors and will also be introducing a PVC-clad line.

"Business has been good and with our new product introductions we are expecting big things," said FrontLine's Larry Kerscher.

On the hardware front, Dale Moses from W&F Manufacturing said the company is adding customers and that is because customers are coming back looking for ways to increase their bottom lines.

"Ours is an add-on program," said Moses. "More consumers are looking for multi-point locks as more are becoming aware of these products so they are coming back to us."

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