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IBHS Plans for Research Facility to Aid in Building Durable Structures

The Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) located in Tampa, Fla., will begin construction later this year of the Insurance Center for Building Safety Research. Funded by the IBHS's insurer and reinsurer members, the facility will conduct research to find ways to build more durable homes and buildings.

The new center will include full-scale testing and construction components will be included, and a two-track research program will allow IBHS to focus on different types of catastrophic events, such as high winds and wind-driven water intrusion. According to the group's announcement, the findings will be used in consumer education and advocacy programs, as well as for developing public policies, such as building codes.

In addition, the center will also allow IBHS to further ongoing research efforts and partnerships. For example, the group has been working with the University of Florida, Florida International University and also private laboratories on wind-driven water intrusion research.

The IBHS is currently evaluating potential sites for the center, which will require about a 100-acre parcel. Selection criteria include a mild climate to allow for year-round research and significant amounts of electricity through a plant or substation.

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