Hurricane Humberto Hits Texas

On Thursday, September 13, Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared Jefferson, Orange and Galveston counties in southeast Texas disaster areas as a result of Hurricane Humberto. Humberto was noteworthy for having developed from a tropical depression into a Category 1 hurricane in just over 12 hours. The storm came ashore within 80 miles of where Hurricane Rita hit in 2005.

While power outages and heavy rain have been the primary damage to the area, glass shops are keeping busy with repairs in the days following the storm's landing. Victor, who preferred not to use his last name, at Beaumont Glass Co Inc. in Beaumont, Texas, says that the glass shop itself wasn't impacted by last week's storm, but business has been busier than usual as a result of the hurricane.

"I'm expecting it to keep up," Victor says.

Fortunately, Victor says he hasn't had any trouble in keeping jobs on schedule.

On the other hand, Pat Core, owner of City Glass Co. in Beaumont, Texas, says, "It's been kind of crazy."

Core says it's to be expected that there will be problems in keeping jobs on schedule.

"It does throw a kink in it," he says. "The storm people almost have to be taken care of first The jobs we had planned we can almost put on hold."

Most of his replacements in the last week have been to plate glass and residential windows.

"It wasn't like when [Hurricane] Rita came through, but we have a bunch of small things coming through," he says. "We're going to stay busy. After Rita it took almost about a year and a half before things got back to normal."

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