USGNN Original StoryCould Hotel’s Views Have Been Avoided with Window Film?
August 31, 2009

When nearly all-glass hotel, the Standard, opened in New York earlier this year, it was lauded for its impressive views and openness, due to those floor-to-ceiling windows. However, passersby on the streets and in the newly opened High Line park below have been treated to some views of their own, according to a recent NBC Nightly News report. According to the report, some of the hotel’s guests have been prone to exhibitionist activities due to the lure of those vast, clear windows. (CLICK HERE to watch the video report.)

The hotel responded to questions from NBC Nightly News with the statement that it “will remind guests of the transparency of the guest room windows.” While that may seem to be over-stating the obvious, the hotel wouldn’t necessarily have to offer that reminder if a mirrored silver window film were used to reduce the views from the outside, according to Pat Trahan, owner of Sunlyte Films in Bay City, Mich.

“It just seems to be an ideal opportunity for some kind of promotional thing for window film,” Trahan says. “There’s all this talk of energy savings and options, and I’m just not seeing window film promoted on the national level like it should be—and this seems to be an opportunity.”

Trahan advises New York-area tinters to consider contacting the building owners to inform them about how window film can improve the building’s energy efficiency—and perhaps contact city officials to offer advice on the products available that can allow hotel guests a view while protecting the local park’s visitors from unsightly, albeit memorable, views.

“If I was anywhere near New York City I’d go and offer to install it myself,” Trahan says.

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