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USGNN Original StoryThe HPBC Presents High-Performance Building Report to Congress

Last month, the High-Performance Building Council (HPBC) presented a report to the US Congress and US Department of Energy. The report to Congress was only the first phase of the HPBC's effort. The HPBC is launching its second phase, which will consist of profiling the attributes, metrics, measures, and standards for high-performance buildings.

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According to Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) executive director Sophia Greenbaum, "We absolutely see a role for glass in high-performance buildings. Innovations in glazing products have led to improved energy efficiency and increased safety and security in high-performance buildings."

The SBIC serves as the secretariat of the HPBC.

The HPBC's report is a response to Section 914 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which addresses the need not just for "green" but for high-performance buildings in order to reduce resources and energy consumption, while improving the environmental impact and functionality of buildings and the comfort and productivity of their occupants.

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