As Part of High-Performance Building Week, Experts Share Their Thoughts on Glazing Industry Opportunities June 16, 2010

The High-Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition (HPBCCC) designated this week, June 13-19, as High-Performance Building Week, providing an opportunity to highlight the importance of high-performance buildings to federal, state, and local policymakers and the general public. Glass and glazing materials also can play a huge role when it comes to designing and developing energy-efficient buildings, and in recognition of High-Performance Building Week, several companies and organizations point out all the benefits and importance of these systems and materials.

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) is just one organization that has been supportive of the efforts of the HPBCCC.

"At a time when so many high visibility policy issues are swirling around Washington, D.C., it is critical that high-performance building--and specifically the role of glass in high-performance building--remains visible in front of our national leaders," says Bill Yanek, GANA executive vice president. "HPBCCC, through its regular meetings and High Performance Building Week is a forum that allows GANA to participate in high performance building policy debates."

Yanek says moving forward from High Performance Building Week, GANA plans to continue its energy and high-performance building leadership.

"In May, GANA partnered with Guardian Industries Corp. to broadcast a Building STAR HPBCCC lunch presentation (CLICK HERE for related article). This broadcast was a first of its kind for the coalition. Later this year, GANA plans to add more live programming to its advocacy efforts."

Likewise, companies in the glass and curtainwall industry have also recognized the importance that these systems play when it comes to building energy-efficient structures.

"From our broad range of sustainable products to the collaborative approach we use to create advanced facades, we examine all aspects of a high-performance building. High performance buildings are a sum of parts that must work together in a seamless way and the fenestration industry will be integral to the evolution of these buildings," says Kimberly Ferro vice president, marketing and product development for Kawneer Co. Inc. "Glass and systems providers will need to bring integrated solutions to the table and be prepared to substantiate performance ... The role that the fenestration industry plays, and will continue to play, in creating high performance buildings is a large one."

Mary Olivier, marketing and client services manager for Tubelite, agrees that the industry is prepared and ready to provide the products and technologies needed to continue advancing the performance level of today's buildings.

"Today's building owners and occupants have a readily-accessible selection of high-performance fenestration products to achieve their goals for daylighting, temperature, energy use, occupant comfort, aesthetics, recycling, and profitability," Olivier says. "Whether choosing storefront, entrance or curtainwall systems, windows, doors, sun shades or light shelves, building teams are making thoughtful decisions about the long-term performance of their facilities. Anticipating these needs, manufacturers offer a range of products with glass in high-performance coatings and thermal barrier systems, aluminum framing systems with high recycled content, and eco-friendly finishes with low-maintenance durability."

The House of Representatives also issued H. Res. 1407 in support of the goals and ideas of High-Performance Building Week. CLICK HERE to read that document.

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