Guardian Awarded U.S. Patent for Hydrophilic Coating
June 8, 2011

Guardian Industries in Auburn Hills, Mich., has been assigned a patent (7,951,426) for a "hydrophilic coating and method of making same." The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "Methods of making hydrophilic coatings having anti-fog properties, and hydrophilic articles are provided. In certain example instances, a substrate supports a surfactant and polyethylenimine. The method includes forming a polyethylenimine-solvent mixture; applying a surfactant to a surface of the substrate; and applying the polyethylenimine-solvent mixture to the dried surfactant on the surface of the substrate. After drying or curing, the resulting coating may be hydrophilic thereby allowing water or the like to easily shed therefrom (e.g., providing anti-fog properties)."

for the full text of the patent.

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