Guardian Industries to Add Solar Energy Product Line in Galax
December 16, 2010

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell announced yesterday that Guardian Industries will invest $2.1 million to expand operations at its Consolidated Glass and Mirror facility in Galax, Va. The project, which involves a new solar energy product line, will create 40 new jobs.

Founded in Galax in 1979, Consolidated Glass and Mirror Corp. became a subsidiary of Guardian Industries in 1992. The expansion will enable the company to produce specially coated mirrors used in the technology of concentrating solar power (CSP), a type of solar thermal power. The mirrors track the sun and radiate its energy onto a central receiver, creating the power equivalent of hundreds of suns. That power is used to vaporize water into steam to power a turbine for the generation of electricity.

“Guardian and Consolidated have a long history in Galax, and we are excited to expand our operations here,” says plant manager Dennis Carroll.  “This is a pro-business community with a great workforce. We appreciate the assistance from the Commonwealth, the City of Galax, and Virginia’s Corridor in making this project a reality.”

“Consolidated Glass has been an important part of the Galax economy for more than 30 years,” adds McDonnell. “This expansion is important for the new investment and jobs it creates in the community, and because it comes in a major growth industry. Virginia has declared the energy industry a key target sector going forward and we appreciate that this Virginia company is expanding into the solar energy business.”

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