Guardian Industries Supports President Obama's HOMESTAR Program
March 11, 2010

Guardian Industries has announced its support President Barack Obama's $6 billion HOMESTAR program designed to create jobs and reduce home energy consumption.

"The president has stressed the importance that HOMESTAR products are manufactured in the United States. Guardian built its global manufacturing base here in the United States and we have facilities across the country in points north, south, east and west," says Russell Ebeid, chairman of the board.

Through its Science and Technology Center, Guardian's research and developemnt efforts have focused on the development of high-performance, energy-efficient products.

"The United States can significantly reduce its energy use by promoting home retrofits that rely upon proven techniques and materials," says Ebeid. "We support HOMESTAR because it will save energy and lower homeowners' energy bills."

Through HOMESTAR, consumers would be eligible for rebates of up to $3,000 at the point of sale for a variety of energy-saving investments in their homes. The program is expected to save middle-class families hundreds of dollars a year on their energy bills.

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