Grenzebach Corporation Appoints New Management Team
September 23, 2010

Grenzebach Corporation has announced a restructuring of its management team in Newnan, Ga. As part of these changes, John Fluker and Joseph Chuhran will now share the executive duties as president.

Fluker, who previously served as vice president of marketing and sales, will also serve as chief sales officer. His studies include an engineering degree from MIT. Fluker joined the Grenzebach team in 2006. 

The executive duties of president will be shared with Chuhran, who has also been named chief technical officer. Chuhran remains a managing partner of Millennium Control Systems, with which Grenzebach has had a business cooperation agreement since 2003. In 2008 Grenzebach acquired an ownership in Millennium and opened a subsidiary of the company in its Newnan facility.

Claudia Wurll will continue to serve as vice president of administration and work closely with both Fluker and Chuhran. Wurll has a degree in economics management from a German university and began working in human resources with Grenzebach three years ago. Her role will support the company in finance, purchasing, human resources, and information technologies.

John Fluker Joseph Churan Claudia Wurll

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