Glaston Launches New Corporate Identity

The Finnish Corp., Kyro Technologies, the parent company of Z Bavelloni and Tamglass, becomes the Glaston Corporation in June. The corporate switch emphasizes Glaston Technologies and Energy, which is the company's leading subsidiary, contributing to Kyro's worldwide growth in glass processing and technology.

The Kyro name did not reflect the international technology group, the main business area of which had been called Glaston since 2003, and its second business area, Energy, had been earmarked for sale, according to Mika Seitovirta, president and CEO.

"Our purpose was not only to clarify the brand hierarchy, but also to standardize the corporate image, which is very important, especially internally, in a group formed through several company acquisitions," Seitovirta said.

"Now we are an integrated Glaston team. Tamglass, Bavelloni and Uniglass live on as strong product brands," he said.
The Group's numerous subsidiaries in Finland and around the world will gradually change their names to Glaston.

In other news from the company, Glaston has also appointed Topi Saarenhovi director of Glaston's Heat Treatment Business Area. In addition to Saarenhovi's appointment, the company also announced numerous other selections to a new and restructured management team. Seitovirta will direct that team.

"The new organization and structure ensure improving profitability, readiness for a change as well as future growth," Seitovirta said.