Glaston Corp.ís to Lay Off 25 Employees
December 16, 2010

Glaston Corp. has announced that it is laying off approximately 25 employees, the majority of whom are senior white-collar employees.

“As a principal rule the personnel reductions will commence immediately,” says the company.

The statement continues, “Glaston has ongoing efficiency measures globally. The largest adjustment measures are focused on Italy, where negotiations regarding a reduction of approximately 40 jobs are initiated today. In addition, towards the end of the year, personnel reductions will take place in the European regional organization, where the transition to a distributor- and agent-based operating model will lead to the termination of 25 employment contracts.”

The layoffs came as a result of a statutory employer-employee negotiations under the Act of Co-Determination within Undertakings in Finland (YT negotiations) initiated on December 3, 2010.

As part of the announcement, the company also announced that it will set up a global technology and design center in Tianjin, China, “and the possible effects on personnel in Finland will be determined during the first six months of 2011”

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