Glaston Technologies August Orders Verge on Record High

In August, Kyro Group's main business area, Glaston Technologies, had an order intake totalling 25.7 million euros, the second-largest monthly sales of all time. The volume, exceptionally high as regards to the time of year, was focused on new products; the most advanced glass processing technology.

The latest monthly order intake record is 27.2 million euros in December 2005.

The Glass Machinery Group received 17.2 million euros worth of safety glass machine orders. The demand was directed especially to new products such as the world's fastest flat tempering machine for Low-E glass, Tamglass Sonic and other machines designed for complex glass processing. Order intake of pre-processing machines was 6.0 million euros, which is very good considering the Southern European holiday season.

Glaston Technologies' One-Stop-Partner (OSP) products, i.e. Tamglass and Bavelloni machine combinations and glass processing lines represent a strongly growing share of received machine orders. In August, the OSP orders reached an all-time-high of 5.1 million euros.The January-August order intake for OSP products is now 13.5 million euros, whereas the full-year sales in 2005 totalled 12 million euros.

Machine orders were received from all main market areas. They were mostly directed to architectural glass processing machines, and the deliveries will be made at the end of the year and the first half of 2007.

The domestically operating Glass Processing Group also saw its positive market trend continue in August. The Group's order intake was on a good level of 2.5 million euros.

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