2005 Another Great Year for Glaston Technologies

According to Kyro Group's financial statements for 2005, its main business area, Glaston Technologies, grew at threefold speed of its markets last year.

Glaston Technologies, which includes Tamglass and Z. Bavelloni, increased its total net sales by 18 percent from 203.0 million euros to 238.9 million euros. Its operating profit grew by as much as 21 percent from the previous year.

Architectural Glass Machinery in Demand

Glaston Technologies also managed to grow its market shares further. Tamglass and Bavelloni successfully merged their sales organizations in the beginning of 2005.

According to the company, demand for Glaston Technologies' safety glass machines has risen. It was focused on large, demanding architectural glass machinery, especially in the United States, where the use of energy glass and pick-up in construction has increased demand. Pre-processing machines also sold well, particularly Bavelloni's cutting machines and grinding equipment.

Significant One-Stop-Parnter Launch Well Received

During 2005, Glaston Technologies further developed its One-Stop-Parnter concept, a comprehensive product and service offering in the industry. The most significant launch was a line jointly developed by Tamglass and Bavelloni for pre-processing and tempering of large architectural glasses as well as smaller appliance and window glass. The line consists of what the company calls the world's fastest flat tempering machine, the Tamglass Sonic, and Bavelloni's automatic, integrated pre-processing line.

Glass Technologies' after sales services grew nearly 20 percent and three new offices were opened during the year. Sales of tools for glass and stone pre-processing also grew, particularly through the launch of a new series of polishing tools. To develop its tool business, Kyro incorporated Bavelloni's tool division at the beginning of 2006.

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