Glass Wholesalers Receives Investment from Cristacurva
February 3, 2010

Industry veterans Bob Lawrence, president of Craftsman Fabricated Glass and Francisco Sanchez, chief executive officer of Cristacurva, announced that they have signed an agreement for Glass Wholesalers Inc., d/b/a Craftsman Fabricated Glass, to receive a significant investment from Cristacurva, a glass fabrication company based in Guadalajara, Mexico. According to the announcement, the new investment will allow Cristacurva to take a majority ownership position in Craftsman, while allowing Lawrence to remain as minority shareholder and as a senior member of management. The planned investment will bring together two existing glass fabrication companies with complementary production and customer services.

The investment by Cristacurva allows Lawrence to conclude a refinancing plan that has been a major diversion of his time for more than one year.

Sanchez expects to conclude his investment during the next 90 days and believes the close alignment of Craftsman with Cristacurva provides a major opportunity for both companies to better serve southeast Texas and beyond, benefiting customers as well as suppliers and employees, states the announcement.

Lawrence tells™ that he is very excited about the prospects going forward. 

“I have spent considerable time with our investor, Francisco Sanchez over the last few months, and he has been the perfect gentleman. When I shared a message of support that he had sent to me with our employees, he followed with another message to me that I will share, because it is indicitive of his personality, and why I was receptive to Francisco as a partner: ‘Thanks a lot for your attitude and good faith in me and in making a good team for accomplish(ing) good goals for both, for all of the team and for the company. Now we are partners and members of the same adventure and I want it to be interesting, profitable and that gives all of us enough fun. Business is not good business without challenge and fun. Trust and support from each other and everybody on the team will be needed to walk faster to a successful situation.’”

Lawrence adds, “I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to have a partner with this attitude.  Additionally, Francisco understands that having a strong relationship with our vendors is important. So now that we are soon to be properly capitalized, we intend to work hard, be successful, profitable, and have fun doing it! What else could we want?"

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