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USGNN Original StoryGlass Shops Feel the Effects of Southeast Gas Shortage in Wake of Hurricanes

The recent hurricanes have led to a shortage on gas in several Southeastern areas, and glass shops and distributors are some of those feeling its effects. The Atlanta and Nashville areas, for example, currently are undergoing long wait times, and, according to many, even after a wait, they discover there's no gas left at many stations.

"Our Nashville branch has had difficulty finding fuel for our delivery trucks," says Alice Dickerson, director of sales and marketing for ACI Distribution/Vitro America in Atlanta. "They wait for hours in line and they finally get to the pump and they're out. Our Atlanta branch had trucks waiting in line for an hour and an hour and a half trying to get fuel."

This is just compounding the problems much of the industry already is having, Dickerson says, in today's economy.

"Here we are, trying to make deliveries, trying to get fuel, business is down, and now we're paying a driver to sit at a pump for an hour and a half," she says.

Brian Diamond of Brian Diamond Glass, also in Atlanta, has been out of town for the last two weeks, but says as he returned to town yesterday, noticed something off.

"There were lines at all the gas stations, so I'm sure it's affecting everyone," Diamond says, though he notes he filled up his tank before he returned to town.

In other states, such as South Carolina, while gas has been tight the effects haven't been quite as bad as what some other areas are seeing. One shop owner told™ that while stations are out of regular gas, they at least still have gas.

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