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USGNN Original StoryGlassfab Expands Capabilities with New Equipment Installations

Glassfab Tempering Services of Tracy, Calif., recently completed the installation of its second tempering furnace. Supplied by Cooltemp (TCME), the new furnace can temper glass sizes of 108 x 190. According to Brian Frea, Glassfab operations manager, the new installation will allow the company to produce additional capacity and the ability to temper oversized glass.

"The addition of a new furnace will give us the tempering capacity that we need to assist our growing customer base," says Frea.

Along with a new glass-tempering furnace the company also installed an oversized soft-coat low-E washer and a new spandrel line. The new furnace is Glassfab's second Cooltemp furnace within its two years of operation (CLICK HERE for related article), and, according to Frea, a number of factors were considered before making the purchase.

"The quality of glass we will get as well as the after-sales support were important," Frea tells™. "We did consider other lines, but we've been fortunate with Cooltemp as the company has been able to satisfy all those requirements for us. We are very pleased with how the equipment installation and start-up went."

Mike Goldfarb, sales and marketing manager for Glassfab, says the addition will help the company continue to meet customer needs.

"With the addition of the new furnace and added processes, this will allow us to continue providing quality and service to the architectural community," says Goldfarb.

Frea adds that listening to the needs of their customers is really what determines future growth plans.

"It's all based on market demands … as an independent, we know that quality, service and meeting customers' demands are what will drive growth," says Frea. "We want to serve our customer base the best way we know how, and if it means installing new equipment that's what we will do."

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