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USGNN Original StoryGlass Week Shows Its Decorative Side

The Glass Association of North America's Glass Week conference continued today at the Rio in Las Vegas with a meeting of the Decorative Division. It was the second annual meeting of the newest division, noted chair Kris Vockler of ICD Performance Coatings as she called the meeting to order.

The young division spent the early part of its meeting examining ways to gain members and an audience.

After welcoming new members, the division's Membership Committee proposed putting together criteria for who exactly could join.

"We've been successful in attracting new members … but we have to evaluate who can join," Vockler suggested.

The group agreed to submit some criteria in writing to the board of directors for their approval. Discussion then moved to the Marketing Committee's online survey. The survey has thus far received more than 50 responses, primarily from architects. The group has shortened the survey and added checkboxes for ease and now will be posting on GANA's main website, The group also continued to fine-tune a marketing sheet to be aimed at eliciting further interest from architects.

In addition, the group reviewed videos of its Design in Glass Awards.

"The idea was to show everyone the versatility in what you would consider decorative glass," said Brian Pittman with GANA, "and to give an award to everyone out there pushing the envelope on the product lines."

The decorative residential winner was Kevin Marion, A.I.A., who designed and installed colorful glass tile along the floor and walls of his children's shower. The bathroom also featured a glass block window.

The decorative commercial category had most entries of any category, the group noted, making the choice so difficult that two winners were selected.

Designer and installer Joel Berman Glass Studios' cast glass garden wall won purely on its artistic merit.

"Joel Berman absolutely captioned the art of glass," noted Greg Carney, GANA technical director, who was one of the judges of the contest.

Bentel & Bentel Architects/Planners A.I.A., designed a plan for a glass restaurant executed by installer M. Choden & Sons. The winner was chosen for its functionality; every surface of the building was glass-floors, ceilings, railings, tabletops, wine racks, supporting beams, and more. As the judges noted, the building was modern, but the sleek glass remained inviting and friendly.

Yesterday the Laminating Division had likewise announced the winners of its first Design in Glass Awards. The group watched a brief video on the commercial winner, a glass staircase in Toronto supported by laminated glass. Halcrow Yolles was the designer and Josef Gartner USA the installer.

The residential winner, the only entry in all categories to receive perfect score, used a green interlayer in a laminated skylight over a dark bathroom. CBO Glass installed the skylight designed by Mehrdad Hadighi.

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