Gardner Glass Products Expands Fabrication Capabilities
August 25, 2010

Gardner Glass Products Inc. has installed a high-performance water jet cutter and edger at its facility in North Wilkesboro, N.C. The company says the new water jet cutter is capable of making intricate cuts in glass of a variety of thicknesses. One of its primary applications is for backsplashes used in kitchens, medical offices and other installations. The cutter can also be used to make cuts for outlets and faucets, go around detailed windowsills, create custom outlet covers and switch plates and to accommodate out of plumb walls.

“The addition of this water cutter aids us in our primary goal of serving customers more efficiently and effectively,” said Tommy Huskey, chief executive officer of Gardner Glass Products. “Not only can we provide high-quality glass for customers in any color imaginable, and now cut exactly to their specifications, but we can do it with even shorter lead times. When customers receives their orders, they will know that it is precisely the color they specified and that it will fit flawlessly into the space.”

The cutter uses 55,000 psi of water pressure mixed with garnet sand and cuts are made according to .dxf CAD files. 

In addition to the cutter, Gardner has also installed a new edger, which is used for heavy glass such as that used for tabletops and countertops. Like the water cutter, it is operated using a CAD system and a series of diamond drill bits combined with water. The action utilizes three processes: the first to make a rough cut, the second a finer cut and the third process to polish the edge. The machine can do a wide variety of edges including polished, waterfall and ogee edges.

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