GFS Chemicals Expands Facility to Produce Cerium Products Following Recent Shortage
June 7, 2012

Cerium intermediates will soon be produced in an Ohio-based facility owned by GFS Chemicals Inc. after plans to expand the manufacturing hub are complete.

Cerium has reportedly been in short supply in recent years amidst Chinese restrictions related to the supply and export of rare earth materials.

"Supply chain security is very important to our customers; we have a great 'insourcing' story to tell the markets and the consistent, high-quality products to back it up," says GFS Chemicals owner and president J. Steel Hutchinson. "We're looking forward to gaining back market share that has been lost to the Chinese producers over the last decade. We are excited to expand our rare earth fluoride facility to now also manufacture cerium intermediates; this will support our specialty chemical production activities in our main plant in Columbus."

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