Glazing Technologies and Innovations Continue to Drive Interest in Las Vegas
September 14, 2012

by Ellen Rogers,, and Casey Neeley,

New and innovative products continued to drive interest during the GlassBuild America Show taking place this week in Las Vegas. Many exhibitors said they were enjoying a good, solid flow of quality booth traffic.

Tom Noe with Glasstech in Perrysburg, Ohio, said they had been seeing a steady number of attendees stopping by.

"We've been realigning with many in the industry who are back after not being here the past couple years," said Noe, who noted that of those stopping by energy continues to be a big issue. For example, he said companies are continually looking for ways to reduce energy consumption in glass processing.

Noe explained that they can help achieve this goal through ways such as software, reducing the speed of fans, etc.

Both Columbia Commercial Building Products and Custom Components Company, both part of Consolidated Glass Holdings Inc., also featured new products at the show. Kelly Townsend with Columbia Commercial Building Products talked about his company's new front-set storefront system, an option for traditional center set systems. In addition, the company also showed a new zero sightline window, which Townsend was developed as a direct response to requests from architects.

"This is a byproduct of for what they were asking," says Townsend.

On the Custom Components side, Jim Ellsworth showed the new EZ Access sliding door designed for interior applications, such as office spaces. Ellsworth said architects are moving away from the swing-front doors toward options that provide more office space, such as these sliding systems.

"We've definitely had a lot of interest in this," he said.

Creative Resins Co., based in Burgos, Spain, offered demonstrations of both machine-based glass designs as well as hand-painted designs. The IGE-backed company offers a variety of products, including glass-grade epoxy and polyester resins, resin plotters, injection pumps and moulds. Resin plotter Wizard Resin Illustrator, on display at GlassBuild, creates decorative panels from a computer file.

Likewise, GlasWeld is displaying its new water spot and stain remover, proClean. The company claims that the professional-grade remover can remove scratches, water deposits, oxidized paint, rust and engine grease. With clearing of up to stage three spotting, GlasWeld says the product is also able to remove atmospheric etching. The water-based, biodegradable remover is both acid-free and environmentally friendly.

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