GANA Insulating Division Discusses Futures Activities and Programs

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) insulating division met Saturday afternoon as part of Glass Week 2006. The marketing committee, chaired by Tracy Rogers of Edgetech I.G., met first. The group is working to help increase industry awareness and involvement of insulating glass and specific issues related to commercial architectural glass.

One avenue the group is working on is coordinating more with GANA's building envelope contractors division and a possible presentation at the group's 2007 annual conference. Presentation topics being considered include installation details and how they can lead to seal failures, structural glazing and thermal stress and LEED construction, particular to insulating glass.

The technical committee, chaired by Greg Carney in the absence of Tim Moore, discussed the possibility of creating a joint glass informational bulletin with the laminating and tempering divisions on design considerations in regards to hurricane glazing.

The group also talked about the possibility of creating bulletins on sightlines for commercial insulating glass units and terminology for commercial insulating glass units. The group will also be working with the flat glass manufacturers division to provide more detailed information on insulating glass for the group's next edition of the Specifiers Guide to Architectural Glass.

John Kent of the Insulating Glass certification Council gave a certification update. Kent said that effective last year they are now certifying to ASTM E 2190 only. He also said they have begun offering a voluntary gas fill certification process and accept results of either the gas chromatograph, oxygen analyzer or the "spark emission spectrography," which is a recently-coined generic term for the GasGlass device.

At its last meeting, the IGCC also voted to move forward on the development of an initial gas-fill certification.

"You need to know how much gas is going in and how much comes out over time," said Kent. "If you're making claims about gas fill, you better understand them," he said.

In addition, IGCC has developed an educational document that explains the differences between ASTM E 2190 and the old CGSB 12.8. It can be downloaded form the IGCC's website,

Photo caption: The insulating glass division met during Glass Week on Saturday afternoon. Photo courtesy of Brian Pitman.

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