Cerium Oxide Prices Remain High, But Shortage Has Lessened, Reports GANA Task Group
February 22, 2012

by Penny Stacey, pstacey@glass.com

Though the price of cerium oxide remains high, a Glass Association of North America (GANA) task group formed under the group's Mirror Division Technical Committee reported today that the shortage has lessened somewhat. The report was made during the GANA Annual Conference being held in Sarasota, Fla., this week.

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The task group was formed approximately a year ago, according to Jim Ventre of Gardner Glass Products in Acworth, Ga., the chairperson of the group. "[When the group was formed,] we couldn't get any [cerium oxide] really," he said. "In the meantime, the supply chain has eased up--and today there doesn't seem to be an issue getting cerium oxide. Pricing remains high."

"Do we want to continue forward with the task group or accept the fact that it's a higher price now?" asked Sylvain Denis of Walker Glass, chair of the Mirror Division Technical Committee.

After some discussion, the group decided to continue the work of the task group in an effort to watch the issue. "I've learned that there are alternatives, but none of them are as good as cerium oxide," said Ventre. "It's things like this that are important to be aware of."

The group did change its scope, however, to address the changing market. "I think the objective really is information and the development of alternatives and keeping the group informed," said Ventre.

"What we're hoping for in the real world is something that pops up and takes its place," added Ventre. "Any of the companies working on this--that's what we want to know about." .

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