GANA Releases Two New Technical Manuals
July 28, 2010

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) announced today the release of two new technical resources for the industry. The first is a jointly-written manual focusing on the protective glazing industry, its products and applications, while the second is a detailed overview of the versatility and properties of architectural flat glass.

The Protective Glazing Manual was written by industry experts from GANA and the Protective Glazing Council (PGC) International membership. This Manual describes the types of glass, films and interlayers that make up protective glazing products and illustrates the applications and technologies available, as well as the standards and levels of protection they provide. Additionally, there is a detailed section on the care and cleaning of protective glazing products, and a comprehensive glossary of terms and applications. The 2010 Edition is the inaugural version of this manual.

"The Protective Glazing Manual is an excellent resource for everyone in the protective glazing industry, from manufacturers and suppliers, to the installers and designers who specify and use these products," said Urmilla Sowell, technical director of GANA and president of PGC International. "Coming from the testing side of the protective glazing industry, I know the expertise and care from members that went into the creation of this manual. This manual is a must-have for anyone in the protective glazing industry."

The Guide to Architectural Glass 2010 Edition is produced by the GANA Flat Glass Manufacturing Division (FGMD). Formally known as the Specifiers Guide to Glass, this guide is a five-year update with an expanded scope, making it the perfect overview of architectural flat glass, its properties and versatility in applications. GANA says as one of its most downloaded documents, the FGMD chose to offer it to the public as a more in-depth Guide.

"The new Guide to Architectural Glass explains everything there is to know about architectural glass: the float glass process, types of glass and all of the properties of glass and glass strength. The guide is for those new to architectural glass, as well as for those who are changing their focus in the industry from one fabrication type to another," explained Sowell. "The architectural, engineering and construction community will find this guide to be a valuable resource, as it will inspire new directions in architectural glazing design."

Each manual is available on the GANA website. The price of each is $25 for GANA members, and $50 for anyone in the industry. Both are available as a secure pdf, and the Protective Glazing Manual is also available in hardcopy format.

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