Flat Glass Discussions Open GANA Fall Conference

The Glass Association of North America's (GANA) Fall Conference opened today at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta with a meeting of the Flat Glass Manufacturing Division (FGMD).

Steve Farrar with Guardian Industries gave the educational committee report and said the group has been relatively busy working to complete two projects. The committee is in the process of finalizing the online version of the document titled "Glass in Today's Architecture" as well as a coated glass presentation. The committee expects both to be completed and approved by early October.

Ashley Charest, GANA account executive, next provided the website committee report. She announced that the group's website has received a good amount of traffic and many documents continue to be reviewed and downloaded. She reported that the online document, "Specifer's Guide to Architectural Glass" has been downloaded 2,297 times and the video of the float glass process has been viewed 2,476 times.

Greg Carney, GANA technical director, gave the technical committee report. The group has been in the process of developing a glass informational bulletin on the weight range for architectural flat glass, which is still in the draft phase. Carney reported that there is also discussion about developing a glass informational bulletin on the harmful affects of weld-splatter on glass. In addition, the FGMD will be reviewing and updating the "Specifiers Guide to Architectural Glass." New sections will be added, including ones on coated and spandrel glass.

The Fall Conference will continue this afternoon with a meeting of the Fire Rate Glazing Council, and runs through Friday afternoon.

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