Florida Building Commission's March Meeting Tackles Big Topics

The Florida Building Commission met in Tampa, Fla. last week with an agenda that included many different goals. Over three days, the Commission looked into considering petitions for declaratory statements, revising its work plan for 2006, identifying future research and development of its needs, establishing ground rules for the May code/rule development workshop process, receiving an update on the Florida Building Commissions' 2006 legislative package, providing a preliminary report on the Florida Panhandle Wind Borne Debris study and reviewing the Hurricane Research Advisory Committee Work Plan.

The Commission reviewed the Structural Technical Advisory Committee's (Structural TAC) review and analysis of Declaratory statement requested by Dr. Farooq, professional engineer (P.E.) of the Al-Farooq Corp., unanimously accepting the Structural TAC's answers to the questions posed in the document.

The Commission also reviewed its work plan for 2006, including those tasks carried over from 2005, and heard the results of the Structural TAC's discussion for future research issues that will be addressed by the Hurricane Research Advisory Committee. The Commission Chairperson laid the ground rules for introducing amendments to the 2004 Florida Building code and the Commission was updated on its 2006 legislative packages. Additionally, preliminary results of the Panhandle Wind-Borne Debris Study and the current status of the Hurricane Advisory Committee Work Plan were presented to the Commission as well.

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