Fenzi Group Issues Caution on Polysulphide IG Sealant Shortages
June 8, 2011

Italy-based Fenzi issued a news release on June 7 cautioning customers to expect future cost increases on polysulphide sealants as a result of shortages coming from the Toray Thiokol production facility in Chiba, Japan. Fenzi reports that the Toray facility was greatly affected by the March earthquake and has told customers that production of the polymer, which stopped on March 12, is not likely to resume until July.

According to the Fenzi release: “To make matters worse, there are problems in getting the infrastructures and electricity throughout Japan up and running again and this is deeply affecting the production chain … Over the coming weeks therefore, problems are likely to emerge with the sourcing of IG sealants and for this very reason the costs of the products will increase.”

According to Fenzi, this Toray Thiokol production facility in Chiba produces and caters to approximately 35 percent of the worldwide demand for polysulphide polymer. The supplier also notes that the shortages of this particular material are leading to strengthened demand for alternative sealant materials, including polyurethane, butyl, silicone and hot-melt.

Click here to read the news release from Fenzi.

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