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USGNN Original StoryENERGY STAR® Update: USGlass Talks to AGC Flat Glass

As part of its continuing coverage of the proposed changes to the ENERGY STAR windows program, USGlass magazine spoke to Serge Martin, vice president of marketing for AGC Flat Glass North America, for the glass company's view of this important matter.

"At AGC we think it's time to finally say it: Consumers often buy the wrong windows, featuring a glass that does not maximize their energy efficiency-because the glass was not designed and specified with their true regional energy needs in mind," says Martin.

He says it's time to end the one-size-fits-all approach to glass. He gives the example of a window you can find at Home Depot that is advertised as suitable for any region.

"How can a window in Michigan be the same window that should be used in South Florida?" he says. "It just doesn't make sense."

While he is pleased to see that the Department of Energy (DOE) is looking at making the criteria more stringent, he does have some reservations.

"We need to make sure we will not end up with a mild compromise. We need to do something deeper," he said.

However, he does concede that major logical changes, such as requiring triple-glazed glass in certain regions, would require time for companies to implement, he says that more appropriate coatings are readily available from all glass manufacturers.

"A first step towards low solar heat gain low-E glass made sense in the past," says Martin. "But now it is time to strengthen the requirements. Some products are worse performers than clear glass…"

In addition to talking to USGlass, AGC is taking steps to raise awareness in the industry regarding this important issue through interaction with its customers and other marketing methods.

"We're trying to raise awareness to code bodies, etc., so the appropriate changes are made," he says.

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