National Enclosure Company Announces Completion of its Formation with a Focus on Advance Facade Systems
February 4, 2010

National Enclosure Company LLC (NEC), a nationally-focused curtainwall contractor specializing in advance facade systems on commercial buildings, announces today the completion of its formation as a newly-formed subsidiary of National Construction Enterprises. NEC was created to address the entire wall envelope including glass, aluminum, terracotta, granite and stone.

"The formation of National Enclosure Company represents our current goals and aspirations which are to serve clients on a national level and to raise the bar on expectations," says Paul Becks, executive vice president of NEC. "The expectations of the client, especially for an advanced facade system, are for a high-level of performance and execution and we have mobilized our expertise to focus on these goals."

According to the company announcement, with executive oversight on all projects, NEC aims to distinguish itself with an emphasis on project delivery planning as well as the cumulative, expansive experience of related subsidiaries.

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