Edgetech I.G. Earns Three Safety Awards; Appoints New Product Manager

Boasting an entire year without a lost-time injury, Edgetech I.G. recently received three safety awards at the Guernsey-Noble Safety Council Annual Awards luncheon held on March 28.

Rounding out the awards presented to Edgetech were the 100% Award, for operating the entire year of 2006 without a lost-time injury, the Group Safety Award for contributions by employees at all levels and the Special Award which was presented for Edgetech's count of 687,301 and-counting, hours without a lost-time injury. The lost-time injury streak began September 17, 2004 and, as of April 3, was still intact.

"At Edgetech, every meeting begins with a safety discussion," said Edgetech I.G. safety chairman Tom Matthews "We have an amazing group effort in place and every concern is immediately addressed to ensure a safe work environment."

The Guernsey-Noble Safety Council is a local organization sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce and Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. It serves to bring together businesses in Guernsey and Noble counties of Ohio to discuss safety issues and share ideas.

Additionally, Edgetech recently announced the appointment of Rob Miller as the new product manager for its Form8tor vinyl bending system, and EZ RAD muntin placement table.

"Rob has been an important member of the Edgetech team for the past five years," said Larry Johnson, executive vice president of Edgetech I.G. "He has served the company in many areas, including technical services, equipment installation, customer training and quality control. His experience and expertise make him an ideal fit for the product manager position."

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