Edgetech I.G. and LMI Custom Mixing Welcome Local Students
May 19, 2010

Cambridge, Ohio-based Edgetech I.G. and LMI Custom Mixing opened their doors on May 6 to local middle and high school students, introducing the next generation to career possibilities and world-class manufacturing processes. Approximately 70 students from Malvern High School and Cambridge Middle School toured the facilities and received interactive presentations from the companies’ business professionals.

From Malvern High School, approximately 30 students from Falon Jones’s senior chemistry class visited LMI Custom Mixing, which is a sister company to Edgetech and located in an adjacent facility. Carol Best, office manager, coordinated the tours, while Jim Nixon, LMI’s general manager, provided a presentation on the uses of rubber in everyday life. Other tour guides from LMI included Nick Dry, maintenance and engineering manager, and Natalie Brown, quality engineer.

Cambridge Middle School students received a tour of Edgetech’s 476,000 square-foot facility and presentation on topics including continuous improvement, safety, human resources, health and wellness, and more.
Presenters and tour guides from Edgetech included Vince Warne, director of quality assurance, Tom Wood, quality advisor, Tom Matthews, safety manager, Jeff Hanson, director of human resources, Maurya Shaw, Lauren International wellness advocate, Heather Crews, human resources, and Carol Best, LMI office manager. Jim Nixon from LMI also gave his presentation to the Cambridge Middle School students.

Additionally, Edgetech welcomed guest speakers Hollie Hartzler, community wellness and nutritionist, from Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center; and Jo Sexton, Cambridge Area Chamber of Commerce president.

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