Edgetech's Technical Director to Present at GPD 2007

In his presentation titled "Protecting Exterior Fenestration and Glazing Surfaces with Applied Coatings," Tracy Rogers, technical director for Edgetech I.G., will discuss new construction debris problems, methods for reducing damage to the fenestration/glazing system, and present a case study on the subject in his presentation at Glass Processing Days (GPD) 2007 in Tampere, Finland, June 15 - 18.

Rogers will discuss the various protection methods for exterior fenestration and glazing system surfaces and evidence about the effectiveness of each.

"The construction process results in a variety of materials being inadvertently splashed, spattered and sprayed on the system," Rogers said. "Once construction is complete, all debris must be removed through a once arduous process, requiring harsh chemicals, brushes and razor scrapers. Today, we have found that the key to easy dirt and debris removal is protecting surfaces from the beginning with a pre-applied film barrier or coating."