EPA's Energy Star Label Now Available for Four Types of Glass and Food Processing Plants
October 8, 2009

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has extended its Energy Star rating to flat and container glass manufacturers. According to an EPA press release, the new Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs) for flat and container glass manufacturing plants are the first of their kind for these industries.

The agency stated that the U.S. glass industry spends more than $2 billion annually on energy, while the food-processing sector spends nearly $7 billion per year. Improving their energy efficiencies by just 10 percent would save nearly $900 million in energy costs and more than 150 trillion btu while reducing greenhouse gas emissions equal to those from the electricity use of more than 1 million homes for a year.

The new Energy Star EPIs were developed in partnership with the glass and food industries. The indicators will help companies objectively assess energy performance, set competitive goals for improvement and, over time, shift the energy performance of the entire industry.

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