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USGNN Original StoryDow Corning Announces Business Transformation Focused on Efficiencies, Innovation and Sustainability for Customers
June 9, 2009

Dow Corning today announced that it is creating "the world's largest online marketplace for silicone materials." As part of this, Brian Chermside, vice president and chief marketing officer, explained that the company is doubling the number of standard products to 2,100; all standard silicone products manufactured by Dow Corning will now be available under the XIAMETER brand, Dow Corning's web-enabled business for selling standard silicone products. Other features include a new order entry platform with enhanced self-service functionality; volume quantity options; and the option to buy from distributors.

The expanded online marketplace is part of the company's new business transformation that Chermside said is focused on efficiency, innovation and sustainability for its customers. For example, he said the new web business is designed to create efficiencies for its customers.

As part of the company's emphasis on innovation, Chermside said they are also focusing on delivering specialty products, specialty technologies and services for customers who want and need customization.

"We take a broad view of innovation at Dow Corning and believe it isn't just about developing new products … it's about thinking differently about business challenges and opportunities," said Chermside. "What distinguishes an innovative company is its ability to look at the future and to anticipate needs."

In doing that, Chermside explained that they have conducted a detailed assessment of trends and see "developing green power and energy-efficient technologies as becoming the defining measure of sustainability and security for the next 40-50 years."

They are looking at this growth in three time frames: short-term through commercialization; mid-term through their innovation acceleration model; and long-term through "our business incubator, which studies emerging mega-trends and discontinuities in the markets we serve."

Sustainability is the company's third area of emphasis. Chermside said they anticipate more than 50 percent of its innovation portfolio will be on projects linked to sustainability and that a significant area of focus will be solar power.

"[The solar industry] represents a $19 billion market … Dow Corning is in the midst of a $5 billion-plus investment in the solar industry," says Chermside. In addition, Dow Corning announced the opening of a second Solar Solutions Applications Centers; in addition to one in Michigan, the company has also opened a facility in Korea.

As Chermside closed his discussion he added, "We are transforming our company to help our customers be innovative, efficient and sustainable. Now more than ever we believe companies want a business partner that helps them navigate through these difficult times as they ready for the upturn."

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