New Decorative Division Chair Looks Forward to New Projects and Growing the Industry
April 1, 2011

Marc Deschamps
of Walker Glass took over the reigns as chair of the Glass Association of North America’s Decorative Division last Saturday during the annual Glass Week conference. Deschamps has been involved with the Decorative Division since its creation and has worked on a number of different task groups, subcommittees and committees. Some of the Decorative Division projects on which he’s been involved include creating a document on cleaning guidelines and working on a LEED white paper, among others.

Now, in his new role as chair of the division, he says there are a number of projects he’s looking forward to.

“I am very excited about our new website, This is a great dynamic tool that requires enhancements and the addition of new features on a continuous basis,” says Deschamps, who explains that the website provides information on different types of decorative glass products, a photo gallery highlighting applications using decorative glass products and complete profiles of the division members.

He adds, “We also need to add to our existing educational tools and resources to keep architects and designers up to date. And, there are several decorative glass products for which no standards have been developed yet and our division should be a driving force behind the development of such standards. In addition, we have developed an online AIA presentation on decorative glass products to help architects and designers better understand decorative glass products.”

While the Decorative Division is the newest within GANA, it has accomplished much in just a few short years. Deschamps says the group is continually working to provide information and education about fabricating, working with and designing projects that feature decorative glass products.

“The decorative glass industry brings together a wide variety of products and businesses, having different needs and concerns. We are not a homogeneous group by nature, to say the least,” he says. “Our job at GANA is to get these different glass businesses to work together in the advancement of the industry. I strongly encourage decorative glass companies to get involved in the activities of the Decorative Glass division. We need a creative contribution from more players in the industry.”

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