The No-Show for Decorative Glass Trends

Jane Skeeter of UltraGlas Inc. was scheduled to give the seminar on trends in decorative glass as part of the seminar program at GlassBuild America in Atlanta yesterday. However, business concerns kept her from attending and Steven Lerner, president of Bent Glass Design Inc., and Michael Burriss, UVEKOL market development specialist for Cytec Industries Inc., stepped in as substitutes.

Lerner started by saying that the difficulty with decorative glass in the contract glazing market has been that contract glaziers are not sure how to make a successful, profitable installation.

However, he told attendees, "Your customers are looking for something different."

Lerner discussed the basic type of glass that is available and able to be made into laminated units. He pointed out that slumped glass, another alternative for decorative product, is more specialized than regular flat glass.

He outlined the benefits of laminated glass, which includes safety, sound reduction and fade resistance. Decorative glass offers uniqueness, he said. "You can come to us with a graphic image and we'll put it on the interlayer. Depending on the type of glass (pattern), there's a lot you can do," he added.

Lerner pointed out that restaurants and offices are prime examples of situations looking for some sort of warmth in what is basically a cold environment and decorative glass is a solution.

Pricing in decorative glass runs to $20 to $40 per square foot, Lerner told the audience. "It's easy to work with though," he said.

Burriss discussed making decorative glass with a resin rather than an interlayer.

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