Experts Provide Insight into DOC Ruling of Unitized Chinese Curtainwalls
December 4, 2012

by Kaitlan Mitchell,

Industry experts are providing mixed reactions to the U.S. Department of Commerce's (DOC) recent ruling to subject unitized Chinese curtainwalls with a tariff. Friday's decision is in response to Northern California Glass Management Association's (NCGMA) filed request for a scope inquiry on August 24, 2012 regarding the Antidumping Duty (AD) and Countervailing Duty (CCVD) Orders on Curtain Wall Units and Other Parts of a Curtain Wall Systems from the People's Republic of China (PRC).

After DOC's examination of the orders and the description of the products contained in this scope request, the DOC found that the scope and descriptions of the merchandise in the investigation are dispositive as to whether the products at issue are subject merchandise and finds it unnecessary to consider additional factors specified in 19 CFR 351.225(k) (2).

"Either way, it's amazing that three glazing contractors from Northern California can pose as manufacturers and successfully mislead the government for the purpose of minimizing competition in their marketplace," says John D'Amario sales manager of Yuanda USA Corporation.

In the government press release, the DOC disagrees with the claims of Yuanda, Jangho, and Overgaard & Bucher stating that "the CWC's lack of standing is evidenced by the fact that none of its members were identified in the underlying petition nor were identified as members of the U.S. industry the by the ITC. The mere fact that a domestic manufacturer was not identified in the underlying petition or the ITC may not serve as a basis for concluding that an entity lacks standing."

"This is a great day for our industry here in the United States," says Edward Zaucha, CEO of APG International, Inc. "We have had these companies dumping their products (glass included) here in the United States for years."

According to the press release, the department recommends finding that the products described in CWC's Amended Scope Request are within the scope of the orders leaving industry experts awaiting the final verdict.

"This is far from over," says D'Amario.

Stay tuned to for further case updates.

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