Cytec Launches UVEKOL® A Glass Laminating System in the Americas

Cytec Industries Inc. of West Paterson, N.J., has launched the UVEKOL® A glass laminating system for acoustic applications requiring superior sound control along with strength, architectural design flexibility, and optical quality.

UVEKOL A is a pre-formulated liquid system that enables companies of all sizes to laminate their own glass safely, consistently and VOC-free using low-intensity ultraviolet (UV) light for fast curing. The UVEKOL A interlayer produces glass laminates that are transparent and clear, and have excellent acoustic performance, according to the company.

Like the other UVEKOL® glass laminating products for safety, hurricane protection and security, UVEKOL A typically cures in about 20 minutes, with no additional processing required. The company says that the UVEKOL A glass lamination process also has significantly lower start-up and operating costs, reduced cycle time, and less waste compared with the traditional PVB lamination process.

"UVEKOL A meets a real need in the Americas for designing and constructing aesthetically-pleasing, durable and quiet buildings using green technology," said Jeff Rodrigues, Cytec's market manager for RADCURE™ Industrial Coatings in the Americas.

"On the other side of the coin," he added, "UVEKOL A helps our customers to better produce and supply top-quality acoustical glass laminates, at a very competitive cost."

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