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USGNN Original StoryViracon Issues Statement Regarding CrystalGray™ Article

Viracon in Owatonna, Minn., has issued a statement that it expects will eradicate any confusion following a recent article published in the Star Tribune on the new CrystalGray™ float glass substrate:

The April 7, 2008, Star Tribune article entitled "Apogee is Aglow Over New Glass" focused on innovative new products the company recently launched to the marketplace along with the benefits the products bring to clients. The facts in the article, however, were not all presented accurately.

The CrystalGray™ product frequently mentioned in the article is a new float glass substrate developed by Guardian Industries. Utilizing "voice of the customer" research coordinated with Viracon, Guardian's CrystalGray glass was developed to provide the design community a high-light transmitting, neutral-colored glass substrate. The substrate, in combination with various coating offered by Viracon, provides superior energy efficiency, along with a variety of aesthetic colors, to meet or exceed the requirements of design architects.

Along with the new Guardian CrystalGray glass, Viracon has launched several new glass coatings this past year. Product development is focused toward new technology, providing superior performance attributes and striving toward new industry standards in the architectural glass market. Viracon has joined forces with industry partners and worked together with in-house innovations to be at the forefront of the green movement in architectural design. We take pride in our relationship with Guardian Industries and all our industry partners. We regret that the Star Tribune article did not provide the accurate recognition of Guardian Industries.

CrystalGray is a registered trademark of Guardian Industries.

CLICK HERE to read the Star Tribune article.

On April 8, Guardian Industries issued a press release to™ on its CrystalGray product. CLICK HERE to read that release.

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