Cristacurva Announces Strategy Change and Focus for Craftsman Fabricated Glass
March 15, 2011

Cristacurva announced it is implementing important adjustments for Houston-based Craftsman Fabricated Glass, a Cristacurva company. Of these changes, Francisco Sanchez, Cristacurva chief executive officer, says, “We will focus our company toward serving markets with greater potential and higher value-added products and technologies, and hence, eliminating from our product range some manufacturing processes, and adjusting the size of our work force. We will continue improving the capabilities of our team members, our internal processes, using advanced technologies to improve our productivity, and at the same time, we will add manufacturing capacity and new products that we will soon release into the market.”

According to the announcement, these projected changes will increase the productivity, quality and service capacity of this plant and “the additional benefit is that Cristacurva through Craftsman is better able to help its loyal customers grow their competitive advantages in this economy.”

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